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Colombia Tiki Punch

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Colombia Tiki Punch 

Light Roast

Tasting Notes: 

Tasting notes of juniper, peach and papaya


Huila, Colombia 


Wilder Lazo


SL 28 


1800 MASL

Coffee Roots

Wilder Lazo, our coffee maverick, ventured into the world of coffee in 2017 when he lent a hand to his father on a farm nestled in the San Adolfo mountains. Driven by his unwavering passion for coffee and his family's rich history in the trade, Wilder took a rather distinctive route into the coffee realm. He didn't just dip his toes into specialty coffee; he dove right in. Thanks to his genetic expertise and an insatiable appetite for learning, he kickstarted a varietal program. Today, it boasts over a dozen distinctive coffee varieties, cherry-picked from diverse sources. It's the coffee journey of a lifetime!