Crimson Coffees

The story of great coffee begins with the farmer and ends with you, the coffee drinker.

Without exceptional beans, accessed through personal relationships we’ve built over time with small-plot farming communities around the globe, there would be no award-winning coffee to share with you.

Bringing out the best of the bean–honoring the hard work of the farmer–is where the roaster makes their important contribution.  Roasting coffee is part art and part science, an ongoing craft where knowledge, experience, quality assurance, a passion for coffee and innovative and individual technique all combine to create compelling coffees for you to enjoy.

After tastings and testing's at origin and our Columbus Ohio-based Innovation Lab to ensure quality, our hand-selected coffees make the trek from countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Guatemala, Honduras, and Peru to our roastery in Columbus, Ohio.  Here, our master roasters do their part to capture the nuances of each coffee, carefully monitoring factors such as temperature, humidity, aroma, moisture content, color, and even the sound of the coffee beans to achieve consistent and distinctive roasts. 

We are proud our award winning craft coffees that have brought home top honors from several national competitions, including 2016 National Roaster of the Year, Overall Small Chain Champion at Golden Bean North America in 2019, and 2020 and 2017 Winner and 2021 Finalist at the Good Food Awards, which recognize the best tasting and, most responsibly sourced products across multiple food categories.

We hope you enjoy our Crimson coffees as much as we enjoy sourcing and roasting them for you!