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Wayfarer Blend

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American Roast


Agaro and Limmu


Heirloom including Native Variety 1274

Coffee Roots 

Why Wayfarer? It literally means traveler. We wanted to offer a blend that uses a rotating variety of current crop coffees.

This coffee is blended to focus on all brewing methods including espresso, batch, and single cup. This blend should always have some fruit and caramel notes with a medium acidity and medium body. As an espresso, Wayfarer Blend should look like maple syrup coming out of the machine and should have notes of tree nuts and chocolate.

Golden Bean Award Winner

The world’s largest coffee roasters competition (over 100 coffee businesses) endeavors to find North America’s best coffee roasting business with coffees being judged as Espresso, Milk and Filter beverages with medals awarded in 11 award categories

Silver - 2023 Digital Package – Golden Bean NA