Crimson Teas


The history of tea dates back to the year 2737 BC. One legend has it that leaves from a nearby tree blew into the emperor of China’s cup and upon discovering that the concoction was indeed delicious, the practice of mixing leaves and herbs with water was born. Today, tea is enjoyed by over 159 million people around the world each day, and here at Crimson, we too love the subtle beauty and character of tea. 

Like our coffee, we source only the highest quality specialty tea leaves--carefully picked, withered, and dried by the experts who grow them--from across the globe. From China to Japan, Thailand to even Peru, we partner with like-minded producers to bring the best of harvest to your cup.

Our tea partners are small, sometimes family, operations based in remote regions. Each tea has a story to tell. From our sweet and rosy Thailand-grown Clear Heart Oolong, produced by Mr. Hu who employs and empowers the local Haaka minority, to our aromatic and in-demand Yunnan Da Ye White, produced by Ms. Vicky on the border of Myanmar, our unique teas represent centuries of knowledge, expertise, and loving care. 

We're proud to honor the hard work of these multi-generational tea farmers by bringing their exquisite teas to you. Whether you enjoy it hot or cold, at the kitchen table with friends or while reading your favorite book, know that your purchase has a direct impact on tea farming communities worldwide.

To try our specialty teas, buy here or visit our coffee shop located in Easton Town Center.