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Crimson Espresso Blend

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Light Roast - Tasting Notes: Limes, Coco nibs, and Vanilla pudding





Kinini Co-op

Hector Portocarrero


Bourbon & Gesha


1,700 - 2,000 MASL

Coffee Roots

After being asked to serve drinks at SCA Expo 2022 in Boston, we created this blend to share with industry folks in hopes of turning heads. The goal of this blend is to cut through 4-8 ounces of milk and preserve a heavy coffee presence without roasting the coffee to a darker, more carbonic profile.

We achieved this by creating a blend of one coffee that is super spicy and acidic, and another that has more available sugars and developed notes. This balance presents us with loads of soluble materials that create an espresso that is citrus and spice forward with chocolate and vanilla finish. We found it to be very approachable, but also very nuanced; a balance to keep both experts and people new to specialty coffee satisfied!