Crimson's Second Shop Near Ohio State’s Campus Is Now Open

CRIMSON Coffee and Tea has officially opened its second location near Ohio State’s campus.

The new CRIMSON is approximately 750 square feet on 64 West Lane Avenue located at the front of the Newman Center.

This store operates as its own independent coffee shop and features skylights and a beautiful two-story window to allow for lots of natural light to create a welcoming environment. The shop can be accessed from Lane Avenue and there is a large free parking lot behind the building where guests can park.

Similar to CRIMSON at Easton Town Center, this location features our award-winning coffees and teas, along with our popular rotating seasonal drink menu highlighting our in-house crafted syrups, unique pour-overs, espressos and tea selections. This new CRIMSON location also offers various food options including breakfast sandwiches and locally sourced baked goods, plus several new items in development.

“With the rising popularity of our CRIMSON Easton Town Center location, we knew there was a coffee enthusiast population who loved the CRIMSON experience and we wanted to share that with a wider audience,” said Greg Ubert, Founder and CEO of CRIMSON Coffee and Tea. “We also have a lot of university students who frequent CRIMSON at Easton Town Center for this unique and elevated coffee drinking experience.

When this expansion opportunity presented itself, we had to take it.”

Come visit our CRIMSON Lane Ave team! We are open seven days a week from 7:00am – 2:00pm throughout the summer and we plan to expand those hours in the fall. See you soon!