CRIMSON Takes 2nd Place for Small Franchise Roasters in the Largest Coffee Roasting Competition in the World


Columbus, Ohio (August 22, 2023) – CRIMSON Coffee and Tea makes its mark on coffee history, taking 2nd place in the small franchise roasters category at this year's international Golden Bean 2023 competition. 


Golden Bean is the largest coffee roasting competition in the world and has been running in North America for 10 years. This year’s prestigious event, held in Columbus, Ohio August 9-12, saw 700 coffees judged from 300 North American coffee roasters. All coffees were judged blind by coffee industry professionals and roasters from around the world, with over 100 coffee judges attending.


CRIMSON submitted coffees in various categories––NARSA Natural, Wayfarer Blend and Crimson Espresso––all earning silver medals.

  • NARSA Natural is a single origin coffee that originates from Peru and is a controlled fermentation light roast with fruity tasting notes of watermelon candy and papaya. 
  • Wayfarer Blend literally means traveler and uses a rotating variety of current crop coffees with notes of fruit and caramel, creating the balanced blend of medium acidity and medium body. 
  • Crimson Espresso is a Rwandan blend featuring one coffee that is spicy and acidic, and another that has more available sugars and developed notes. Crimson Espresso showcases tasting notes of citrus and spice, with a chocolate and vanilla finish. 

These wins add to a history filled with top honors. CRIMSON’s national competition awards include: 

  • 2016 National Roaster of the Year
  • 2017 Winner at the Good Food Awards (recognizing best tasting and most responsibly sourced products across multiple food categories)
  • 2019 Overall Small Chain Champion at Golden Bean North America 
  • 2020 Winner at the Good Food Awards 
  • 2021 Finalist at the Good Food Awards

To learn more about CRIMSON and try these unique and award winning coffees, check out the website or visit the CRIMSON at Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio. 



From the small-plot coffee farmers from whom we source to the coffee lovers we serve, bridging communities has been at the heart of what we do for 30 years. We’ve traveled the globe—by plane, boat, bus, jeep, foot, and even mule—to discover exceptional coffee and cultivate long-lasting relationships with the hard-working farmers who grow it. Through our unique Friend2Farmer initiative, we invest in life-enriching projects that promote education, health, sustainability, and economic growth for coffee farming communities. Coffee is much more than an enjoyable beverage—it’s a collaborative experience where every participant is vital, from the grower to the roaster to the barista to the drinker. Each one has a lasting impact on the economic growth of coffee growing communities in Ethiopia, Kenya, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru and beyond. For more information: