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Double Anaerobic Caturra

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Light Roast - Tasting Notes: Grape Juice, Spices


Tolimo, Colombia


Alirio Buitrago




1,900 - 1950 MASL

Coffee Roots

While visiting other coffee producers in Colombia in late 2018, I was invited to the home of Felipe Arcila. He and his family had been growing and working in coffee for generations, building a reputable business near Armenia, Colombia. He asked if we could cup some of coffees from his farm and his neighbors’. Once I took the first taste of his coffees, I knew he had something very special. Felipe shares his knowledge of processing with neighbors and anyone wanting to understand how to make exceptional coffee. The more coffee sold, the more farmers can participate in his processing programs, increasing their selling price and creating a more sustainable/lucrative business to keep young farmers interested.


This variety is grown by Alirio Buitrago at Finca La Mariela. This microlot is 100% caturra, which originated in Minas Geria, Brazil. It is a natural mutation of red bourbon. Caturra is cultivated primarily for its high yield and disease resistance. This lot was exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation for 32 hours inside grain pro bags before being pulped. After pulping, it is again placed into grain pro bags and fermented for an additional 48 hours. After fermentation, it is gently washed and placed on raised beds below 35 degrees Celsius until the finished moisture content is achieved.