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Clear Heart Oolong Tea

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May 2021


Mr. Lu


Qing Xin 'Clear Heart'
Camellia Sinensis var


Mueang Chiang Rai District, Chiang Rai Province




1,200 MASL

The Journey

Mr. Lu is one of the most skilled tea processors and producers we have the pleasure of working with. His farm is relatively new and is in a very mountainous part of Thailand not far from the border with Burma. In fact, this region has experienced significant droughts over the past five years, but his friends across the border have helped him construct a water pipeline that crosses the territories. He learned his irrigation techniques from Israeli olive tree producers and conserves water by just watering the roots of the plants. While it is rare to find Taiwanese cultivars outside of Taiwan, Taiwan and Thailand share a common heritage as many of the nationalists who fought in the war in China escaped to Thailand / Taiwan. Now Mr. Lu employees the local Haaka minority and has helped bring a better quality of life to the locals.

Brewing Instructions

We recommend weighing Clear Heart on a scale in grams for accuracy. Use 2.5 grams with 8-12 ounces of water at a temperature of about 200 degrees F. Steep for 3 minutes before drinking.

The Experience

Clear Heart has a predominantly floral, smooth taste with a moderate amount of caffeine (about 38 grams which is a bit more than cup of green tea). Although a cup of Oolong tea contains less caffeine than the typical cup of coffee, people who are sensitive to caffeine should still limit their intake.


One size box only: 40 grams