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Waka Warmi

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Waka Warmi

Light Roast - Tasting Notes: Dates, Caramel, Lime


Villa Rica, Peru


Julio Arevalo Tello


Gesha, Bourbon, Typica, Caturra


1750 MASL

Coffee Roots

Don Julio Arevalo Tello and Cooperu released a new coffee from their farms in the Villa Rica area of the Central Highlands of Peru. Biodiversity and diversity of varieties is a cornerstone of regenerative agriculture, and the example is being set with Don Julio’s farms. A blend of coffee made up of Gesha, Bourbon, Typica and Caturra, you can expect an amazing amount of nuance and flavors inside the cup, with florals, fruits, chocolates, and confections all found within the same cup. Waka Warmi is native for “powerful woman” which signifies the love for the all the women in coffee inside this region, and the idea that coffee would not be possible without women.