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Experimental Natural

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Experimental Natural

Light Roast - Tasting Notes:  Orange Ice Cream, Dried Fruit, Apple Cider


Chanchamayo, Peru




Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, Pache


1600 – 1750 masl

Coffee Roots

In July 2022, we visited our friends at NARSA to see how the year's harvest was coming along. We brought microbe starters with us to inoculate coffee during fermentation. The grand idea was to measure the quality of several methods with as little investment needed as possible. We had the help of the entire team, floating fresh cherry, and loading up large stainless-steel vats with the washed cherries, clean water, and the microbial starters. The coffee fermented for roughly two days inside the vats, then transported to, and dried on, drying beds built by Don Julio, at roughly 1200 masl. The drying process took approximately 20-24 days for the entire lot. We find tons of deep dark fruit complexity in this cup with notes orange ice cream and dried citrus fruits.