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Colombia Tropical Fresh Pink Bourbon

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The story of this rare coffee begins in Huila, Colombia. Famed for the quality of its coffee farms, the department hosts mountain landscapes covered in tropical rainforest. Remnants of ancient volcanic eruptions enrich the soil.

At heights of 1600 - 1700 meters above sea level, progressive farmer Jose Giralda grows rare coffees with exceptional flavors at Cafe 1959. This exclusive micro lot consists of his hand-picked Pink Bourbon coffee. A hybrid of yellow and red Bourbon coffee trees, Pink Bourbon yields ripe cherries with a distinctive pink color. Pink Bourbon has a high glucose content, resulting in a sweet cup, silky body and luscious mouthfeel.

Processed at Cafe 1959’s processing stations in the foothills outside of Armenia, Colombia, we discovered Colombia Pink Bourbon through Brandon’s relationship with Jose of Cafe 1959. After visiting his farm and staying with him and his family in Armenia, we developed a friendship that grew over the span of several years, finally resulting in our purchase of this rare micro lot.

Picked and transported the same day to Cafe 1959’s processing station, this lot of pink bourbon cherries was exposed to 60 hours of carbonic maceration fermentation. Finally, the coffee dried on raised beds below 35 degrees Celsius until ideal moisture content was achieved.