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CM Gesha

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CM Gesha

Light Roast - Tasting Notes: Black Tea, Floral


Huila, Colombia


Santa Monica




1,800 MASL

Coffee Roots

This coffee comes to us from a small, single-producer farm called La Esmeralda, located in the Huila region of Colombia. The farm is owned and run by Norbey Quimbayo, alongside his wife and two children.


La Esmeralda has increased in size over the years and now covers around twelve hectares of land. Of this, around five hectares are used for growing coffee, while the balance is used for growing plantains, mandarins, and limes.


It was in 2010 that Norbey made the transition away from conventional coffee production to focus on 'specialty’  coffee, planting a range of more exotic varieties of coffee trees including pink bourbon, gesha, and papayo (a rare and exotic mutation). Alongside the planting of new varieties, Norbey underwent training to learn more about growing and processing coffee to a higher quality standard. These changes have allowed Norbey to fetch higher, more sustainable prices for the coffee he produces.